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MDPE Water Service Pipes & Fittings

MDPE Water Service Pipes & Fittings

A range of MDPE water service pipes including Protecta-line a barrier pipe designed for the safe transportation of drinking water through brownfield sites and other types of contaminated land. Protecta-line combines all the advantages of traditional MDPE pipe but with a barrier layer to prevent permeation of contaminants. BLACK MDPE IS NOT RECCOMENDED FOR POTABLE DRINKING WATER, IF INSTALLED BELOW GROUND.

MDPE (PE80) water service pipes in Blue for Potable water supply below ground 20mm - 63mm diameter and MDPE (PE80) water service pipes in Black for use for Potable water supply above ground and for use for raw water, sewage pumping, dirty water etc. 20mm - 63mm diameter.

We also stock a range of WRAS approved compression fittings for use with standard MDPE in sizes 20mm - 110mm, THESE ARE OUTSIDE DIAMETERS

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