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Textured Poly Roof Tiles

Textured Poly Roof Tiles

The Textured Tile:
This tile is coated in a textured granulate giving a very realistic stone finish. The Pan Tiles, Ridge Tiles, Flashing Tiles/Dry Verge and End Cap all work together in kit form to produce a well made roof. The tiles slot together and are laid in a similar way to traditional tiles. 3 tiles and 6kg per square metre.


■ Ultra lightweight
■ Fast and easy to install
■ Can be installed from an incline
   of 10 degrees

■ Easy to saw and cut
■ Mountable from 8°c – 50°c
■ Fully weather resistant to -20°c
■ UV resistant and colour fast

■ Excellent sound absorption
■ Non corrosive
■ Good thermal insulation
■ Durable
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