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Modular 5 Bar Ring Seals

Ring Seal is a professional air- and watertight seal for when pipes pass through walls, floors or ceilings.

Ring Seal is used to seal pipes and cables passing through solid structures and are suitable for either a cored hole or pipe sleeve application.

Ring Seals offer a professional finish, with simple, fast installation. The system is modular and is pressure tightened on installation. This also prevents temperature and noise transfer. The product compromises a rubber EPDM seal with a front and back stainless steel plate, the nuts are tightened pressing the stainless steel plate into the rubber and expanding uniformly in all directions to give an air and watertight seal.


• Prevents moisture and gas penetration where pipe passes through wall

•Protects pipe against aggressive surroundings • Used in potable water systems

• Meets the acoustic requirements of DIN 4109

• Modular system enables installation into existing pipe systems

• Available 2ply sealing element to 5 bar. or a 1 ply sealing element to 2 bar available on request

• Available as standard with Grade 1.4401 (316) galvanised steel available on request

• EPDM Rubber sleeve as standard, Nitrile available on request

• For use in noise protection according to DIN 4190

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Modular 5 Bar Ring Seal

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